Are You Taking A Step Forward . . . And Two Back?

Are You Taking A Step Forward . . . And Two Back?

Are you finding it hard to succeed? . . .

Are you taking one step forward and two steps back in finances, relationships, or some other area of your life? Is something stopping you from succeeding, and you don’t know what it is?

Well, guess what? It may be just your thoughts.. .

Here’s an exercise that can help:

Draw a line down the middle of a piece of paper. On the left, list all the negative thoughts you have about your situation. On the right, list all the positive thoughts you have about it.

Look at all the negative thoughts on the left. When you hold a negative thought up to scrutiny, it usually fades, doesn’t it? Why is that? Because many times, we hold a negative thought in our minds out of habit. When we give it a second look, we realize “Hey, that’s not what I really want/meant.”

I think, therefore I amFor instance, you say “I can’t do [this] because of [that].” Like, “I can’t get a raise because they want me to travel.” Maybe when you hold that thought up to scrutiny, you see that they only want you to travel x amount of days a month — or only go x amount of miles away. X amount doesn’t seem so bad now, does it?

Or, “I can’t take that job because they want me to work week ends.” Then, you look into it further and see that it’s only one week end, every two months, which just might be acceptable to you.

Put your “I can’t because . . .” up to scrutiny before you make a final decision. See if it’s worth changing your lifestyle, or whatever, to do whatever it takes to go forward.

arrow2When you are aware that the negative thought is there, that is the first step toward changing. Whenever you have “I can’t because . . .” take another look. Maybe it’s a “I’d rather not because . . .”

If that’s the case, check your priorities. Scrutinize your thought. Maybe that thought pattern took control of your life when you weren’t looking.

Keep holding it up to the light of enlightenment until it goes away. Maybe that will help you take two steps forward and none backward.

practiceWork with it until all your thoughts are good. Have a great life!


Thanks for reading.

Jan Tincher




Jan Tincher



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Hi Jan,
I love this article. [One Step Forward, Two Steps Back] Got any on procrastination? Lol, that is me!
Keep up the great work!

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