Can You Live Totally In The Moment?

Can You Live Totally In The Moment?

Can you learn to totally live in the moment?…

Do you know what that means?

It means erase all of your personal history, so nothing will get in your way of living for the moment.

You can’t remember that so-and-so used to call you a dummy — and therefore you are.

You can’t remember that your teacher told you you couldn’t write or spell, and therefore you can’t.

You can’t remember that your school mates told you you were ugly and therefore you are.

Do you understand how important that is? If you want to live in the moment, you can’t let something that is not in that moment BE in that moment.

arrow2Let’s say you wanted to compete in a contest. You’re getting ready, but suddenly you remember something that was said long ago that doesn’t support what you are doing now.

Well, you know what? That ‘something’ is not who you are now — that something is MAYBE who you were then. (And, actually, it really is just a MAYBE.)

Are we interested in who you were then? No. Are we interested more in the fact that you’ve trained for this, you can do this, you are going to do this?


Then why are you thinking about what was? Why aren’t you remembering everything that supports who you are or want to be NOW, and letting old memories dissolve and disappear?

Can you do that?

Power PictureYes!

OK.  Let’s do it now. Here’s how:

Put that old thought in a cloud — a cloud covered with a fine mist.

Now the mist is raising the cloud. That cloud is rising higher and higher. It had something in it, didn’t it? What was it? You can’t see it, can you?

Oops, it’s trying to poke through.

Cover it with crayons of different colors on all sides. Now, you can’t see it, can you?

Ooops. You say it’s still coming through?

Do you do fireworks? You know what fireworks would do to that, don’t you? Kaboom!

If that doesn’t work, use a suction cup. Attached to the suction cup is a long string. Light the bottom of the string, and watch as the flames leap up and the whole thing burns to nothing.

Now, you realize you’re doing this all in your mind, don’t you? In your mind you can do anything.

Do whatever it takes to get rid of that cloud holding that old thought.

Do this: In your mind, blow up a balloon, put ALL of this in it, and then let it shoot clear up to the moon when you release the air.

You finally got rid of it, didn’t you? Good.

Now, go back to living in the moment.

You are at the contest. You don’t remember any of that old stuff, because each time an old, unsupporting thought comes up, you let it go.

Once it’s gone, concentrate on your pulse. Be very quiet until all you can hear is your pulse beat.

cat into lionAt this very moment, isn’t your life in it’s perfect place?

Isn’t your health perfect?

Isn’t your financial situation perfect?

Aren’t your friends the perfect friends for you?

Relax and enjoy this time, and let your old negative thoughts disappear. Feel the peace and enjoy the contest.

Now, I ask you, why would you want to spend your time letting old thought patterns come up, when it feels so much better imagining a perfect life?

Why not spend your time attracting that perfect life, instead of reliving your ‘old’ life? Because if you are reliving the parts of your ‘old’ life that you didn’t, and don’t, like, you are attracting the very things you don’t want.

If you take the time and effort to change your view of reality, your brain will put in the time and effort to make your reality become your view.

Thanks for reading.

Jan Tincher





Jan Tincher



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Hi Jan,
I have been trying to practice “living by the moment”. Firstly I tried this while having food, most of the time we don’t pay attention to the taste of the food while having breakfast/dinner. Having a little success now.

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