Do People Bug You . . .

Do People Bug You . . .

Is there someone that continually rubs you the wrong way?…

Or plays people against each other in front of you?

Or talks about people behind their backs, making you uncomfortable?

All of this isn’t good, of course.  What is even worse, you usually don’t know how to handle it.

Maybe they are a relative, boss, friend that you are stuck with for some reason?

Maybe you like them, but then they pull THAT old stunt.

Maybe you work for, or with, them, and can’t afford to quit.

Maybe you stay in that situation out of feelings that you OWE them. Cripes, that’s the pits, isn’t it?

Well, if you don’t already know that nothing is good or bad, but thinking makes it so — think about that sentence for a minute.

I know, I can hear you already. “But what they’re doing, having, thinking, being is WRONG.”

Question Mark for Tame Your BrainThe question is, have your reactions so far, your reactions to them being wrong, gotten you anywhere?

Anywhere that accomplished a positive change, that is?

No, right?

How do you know? Because it’s STILL the same-ol’-same-ol’.

It’s time for a change, then, isn’t it?

OK, here’s the usual scenario. They did this. You did or didn’t do that, as you usually do or don’t do. They repeat what they usually do. YOU get upset, and you TRY not show it. Am I right so far?

OK, good. Now that we’ve figured out the merry-go-round ‘routine’, here’s how to stop it.

arrow2TIP:  Notice I’m not saying anything even remotely close to ‘this is how you can change THEM’, because we all know that change starts right here — point at yourself — and if it doesn’t, the problems will just keep coming back.

Again, the change has to start within.  So here’s how…

Imagine or pretend you have a laser beam. The beam itself is a brilliant yellow-colored beam — not the Star Wars red. Have it come out of the center of your forehead, or better yet, your heart if that feels more comfortable. (You do know, don’t you, that whatever works, works.)

The minute the ‘same ol’, same ol” scenario starts, turn on the laser beam. Aim it straight at them. Surround them with this beautiful light. The laser beam is full of LOVE, so feel the peace it gives both of you.

arrow2TIP:  Some people are not comfortable sending out love to people they don’t even like. If that’s the case for you, change it to something you do feel comfortable sending out — happiness, success for all, forgiveness . . . There are lots of good choices.

Practice this until you feel great. This is the picture they will respond to now, and isn’t that terrific?

What goes around, comes around. Stand back and watch. It’s coming. You know it is.

Let me know how it works below, OK?

Keep reading my articles, and by the time the year is over you will have learned techniques and strategies on how to turn almost anything into a positive situation. That’s my goal, so help me help you achieve it, OK?

Thanks for reading.

Jan Tincher




Jan Tincher



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Hello Jan, This technique (Do People Bug You?) is creating amazing results . I have been reading /doing self-improvement for 20 years and I rank this technique currently a top 3 !!!! It is God working through us and that is The Deal. I have seen people change to : nice; completely opened up; loving and more . Keep up the good work.


Hi, Jan

I just read this article “Do People Bug You And You Don’t Know How To Handle It?” I think It ‘s so WONDERFUL, it’s an eyes openener to me.
I’ll read more of your article. keep up your good work.
God bless you
Lots of love




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