Do You Have A Wart On The End Of Your Nose?

Do You Have A Wart On The End Of Your Nose?


Editor’s Note: Wherever it says ‘wart’ read it to say whatever you
have that bothers you. Could be a large nose, large ears, crooked
teeth, an ugly birthmark, whatever you tend to focus on when you
tell yourself why people won’t like you.

Question Mark for Tame Your BrainDo you have a ‘wart’ on the end of your nose? Can you forget you have it? . . .

You can’t? Why not? Because whatever is bothering you is right there in front of, or in some cases on, your nose? And it’s there ALL the time?

Well, guess what. Unless you have plastic surgery, it’s going to stay there. And where does that leave you? A loser, a failure? Just because of a ‘wart?’ Don’t let that happen.

Look at how long that ‘wart’ has held you back. Look at the loss of self-esteem it has caused you, the self-confidence, the love.

Do you bow your head a lot hoping no one will notice?

Do you stay out of the lime light? Do you refuse to have your picture taken? Do you remember how everyone used to tease you about your ‘wart’, and that reinforced your feeling that no one can like you?

I think, therefore I amHave you been told, by your continual mental conditioning and from others, that when people look at you, they’re just looking at the ‘wart’?

Well, heck. You could be right!

That being the case, why don’t you just keep on elevating everyone above you that doesn’t have a ‘wart’ and lowering everyone who has a bigger ‘wart’? That would seem to keep things in prospective, wouldn’t it?

Well, gosh, that can get kind of lonely, can’t it? Being in the middle there, all by yourself?

Too bad you’re so self conscious about it. You could be out there living life, instead of agreeing with all those people programming you, and agreeing with yourself — the person letting it get out of hand.

No one has ever grown to a ripe old age and said, “I have one regret. I wish I would have let that ‘wart’ bother me more.”

Life is meant to be lived to the fullest. I’m just saying that everyone has been ugly some time in their life. Some have been able to get beyond it, some haven’t. Which are you going to be?

cat into lionWhy not instead of thinking about your ‘wart’, think about what’s good in your life? You attract what you think about and focus on. Do you like what you have attracted so far?

What have you been focusing on? If it hasn’t been good, change it. An article that might help is “What Is Your Power Picture?”  Click here:

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Jan Tincher


Master Neuro Linguistic Programmer

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