If You Have To Fight To Get It, You Usually Have To Fight To Keep It

If You Have To Fight To Get It, You Usually Have To Fight To Keep It

Do you ever feel like your life is full of tension? Like you have to fight for everything? And once you have it, you have to fight to keep it? . . .

Wouldn’t you like to feel peace?

If you had peace, none of the above would be true. You wouldn’t have to fight to get things, and you wouldn’t have to fight to keep them.

You know why? Because when you have peace, you aren’t fighting. A feeling of peace translates into feelings of contentment, love, even a quiet joy.

Therefore, if you feel peaceful, you don’t feel tension. If you feel peaceful, you don’t feel like you have to fight for everything. More importantly — and please make a note of this — you aren’t attracting the ‘fight’ in others. If you nurture the feeling of peace, you live longer.

If you nurture the feeling of peace, you don’t feel the need to fight.

If you nurture the feeling of peace, you have a better family life.

If you nurture the feeling of peace, you have better relationships with your coworkers.

Question Mark for Tame Your BrainHow do you get that feeling of peace?

To feel the peace, make it a point to relax and let the tension drain from your body several times a day. Sit in a spot that is quiet, then feel and visualize the tension drain away and dissolve — harm to no one, peace to all.

If you don’t find peace you keep the tension, and you see where that has gotten you, don’t you?

So, get serious about relaxing and dissolving your tension.

Make sure you have a spot where you can go, be it at home or at work. A spot where you can forget what’s going on at the moment and just relax.

Once you learn how to do this, you’ll be able to do it in five minutes or less. And wouldn’t that feel great?

white-guy-on-booksSo, here’s what you do:

To relax, sit in a comfortable chair in a quiet room.

You won’t need this once you are good at relaxing, but for starting out, you do. When you’ve learned how to take control and relax, you can sit anywhere and accomplish the same thing.

For the first week, that’s all you’re aiming for — to be able to relax. One way to do it is to tighten up all your muscles and hold to the count of 10. Then release them. Do this five times. Then, imagine all the tension you’ve felt in the last 24 hours sliding off your head, your shoulders, your body.

Give the tension an entity, meaning give it submodalities: size, shape, color, texture, taste, and smell. You may find that your submodalities change as the days progress, and that’s just fine. Something that was dull before may be brighter now, or vice versa.

Do this at the same time every day. If you can do it more than once a day, say for example at 8 a.m. AND at 9 p.m., do it every day at those times. Your body likes consistency. Make sure the only things you say to yourself for those five minutes are good things. Go to http://tameyourbrain.com/great-thoughts/ for some examples.

cat into lionOnce you’ve mastered relaxing in a certain spot at a certain time, you can go on to relaxing anywhere you want — except when you’re driving or needing to remain alert.

TIP: Every night before you go to sleep, visualize the next day. Visualize that whatever happens, you are in control. You handle things that used to upset you… perfectly. You immediately ‘see’ the tension rolling off you, no longer affecting you.

After about a week, you, your family, your friends, your coworkers, and others, may notice the difference.

Make sure to share the technique with them, so that they, too, can have peace in their lives.

Thanks for reading.

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Jan Tincher




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