Get Over It! . . . Can’t?

Get Over It! . . . Can’t?

Do you find yourself thinking things like, “I was so disappointed when that happened.”…

Or, “I hate it when that happens.”

Or, “That upsets me.”

Or, “My feelings were soooo hurt.”

Or any other sentence that leads to nowhere.

Nowhere, except more disappointment, more discouragement, more upset, more hurt feelings, more hurt vibes, or whatever? . . .

Power PictureThe best thing anyone could say to you would be, “Get over it.” (In a kind way, of course.)

Because if you don’t get over it., you do what?

You hold it inside yourself. Then, it festers and feeds on itself and reproduces until what? Until you find yourself saying it all the time, because that type of thing keeps happening all the time. It’s like something you can’t seem to get rid of.

Before that happens, make it a point to “Get over it.”

Be your own best friend. The next time you hear yourself say “I was so disappointed . . .” Hear the voice of your best friend or someone you respect, saying “Get over it.” Not in an unkind way, but just simply giving you a direction. A direction to take your brain.

Where do you want your brain to go? To the hurt — so you can nurture that — or to “Get over it” — so you can what? Get over it and get on to something better in your life.

We all get disappointed, upset, hurt, but the faster we can “Get over it,” the faster we can get on with better things.

But it’s not that easy you say? Well, what really is? “Get over it.”

cat into lionA technique that will help is the Cancel, Cancel technique. You will find an article with it here:

The important thing to realize is that those negative statements cause a path in your brain. When you think them enough they become automatic. If you don’t want to automatically generate disappointment, pain, hurt feelings, learn to “Get over it” quickly and easily.

Cause a new path in your brain. One that will gloss over the unnecessary hurt, and get on to better things. Your brain will thank you for it.

Good luck!

Thank you for reading.

Jan Tincher





Jan Tincher



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