Stop Nail Biting. Interrupt That Limiting Pattern!

Stop Nail Biting. Interrupt That Limiting Pattern!

Stop Nail Biting. Interrupt That Limiting Pattern!

What is a limiting pattern? And what does interrupting limiting patterns mean when it comes to nail biting? . . .

A pattern is something you find yourself doing all the time. If you have been biting your fingernails for a long time, you have formed a pattern. You need to stop that pattern and I’ll show you how.

I think, therefore I amA limiting pattern is one that limits you, one that stops you from being all that you can be. It’s a pattern you’ve developed over the years that usually says you can’t do something.

The “Swish Method” will help interrupt your limiting pattern of nail biting, and here’s how you do it:

First, identify the limiting pattern. What are you thinking when you bite your nails? Close your eyes and make a picture of it.

How do you feel inside when you see that picture?

What are you saying in your mind when you think about it?

When or where would you like to respond differently? How about when you get angry or frustrated or bored?

What do you actually see just before you start biting your nails? Run through a scenario where you are about do that. What are you paying attention to? Something someone else said or did, or the way you are feeling because of what they said or did?

Now, create a second scenario. One where you are in charge of your feelings. Keep looking at it until you feel you are really successful in this picture, you don’t even have the need to bite your fingernails.

Now, see the original scenario of you biting your nails. It’s big and bright.

Now make a small, dark image of you not even thinking about biting your nails in the lower, right corner. Make that small dark picture grow big and bright and cover the first picture as quickly as you can say ‘SWISH’, while the nail biting picture disappears.

Open your eyes.

Close your eyes and repeat the process from the beginning eight or more times.

cat into lionTest. When you look at what was the nail biting picture, how do you feel? What happens in your mind and your body when you look at it? Not the same old reaction, right?

Fantastic! And the good thing is, if the urge to bite your nails comes back even a little bit, you can repeat the technique until it disappears again.

Do this for all your limiting patterns and watch as your life changes for the better.

There are lots of methods to use, but this one gives you immediate results. You can not only use it for nail biting, but for smoking, eating, and almost any other bad habit.

Thanks for reading.

Jan Tincher




Jan Tincher
Master Neuro Linguistic Programmer


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