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45x66There are several meditation techniques, and I like and use many of them. This one is good for a beginner. Meaning it is short and easy to remember. :) If you have any questions or comments, make sure and click the “comment” link across from the title.



Sit on the floor and cross your legs, then bring your right leg up over your left and pull it tight to your body. Nah, I’m teasing. Meditating should be very relaxing and not make you uncomfortable. Well, especially for the beginners. I know many people use meditation techniques that can be very uncomfortable until you get used to it, but again we are just going for the basics.

OK, let’s start over. Sit in a comfortable position and take three deep breaths. Bunch up your muscles as mentioned in the earlier post (relaxation technique) until you are able to relax, then take three deep breaths again. You are now ready to meditate.

Meditate means to reflect or muse over; contemplate. So if you would like to muse over your life that, to me, is how one meditates.

To me, I lead too busy of a life to “meditate”. Therefore, meditating is too weak of a word for me. I’m shaping my life, not reflecting or contemplating what has happened. I am visualizing what I want to happen next and I get very excited.

So now you have now learned a “relaxation technique” and a “meditation technique”. The next technique you will learn will be a visualization technique which will go into quite a bit of detail. I promise, when done right, it will excite you too. :)

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  1. August 9, 2011 at 6:07 pm

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