Panic Attack! Help!

Panic Attack! Help!

Can you go outside, but you can’t go in a group? Can you go in a group, but you can’t be in an enclosed area? Can you go if YOU drive? Can you go in a car, but you don’t want to get out of it? . . .

There are many people who panic in varying degrees, they accept it, and they try to get on with their lives. Until the next attack.

Question Mark for Tame Your BrainDo you know what generic PANIC really is?

Panic is a bunch of wrong thoughts. A bunch of frightened thoughts.

To some, a bunch of terrifying thoughts. Then, the body responds in whichever way that terrifies the owner of the body the most. Right?

Do you know that everyone has terrifying thoughts at one time or another?

It’s what you do with them that counts.

Some people *see* themselves *panicking* many, many times a day. Look where that gets them. They panic — and guess what!

They don’t even know why. They don’t even realize that their mind brought it on. Their mind saw them panicking and their brain followed through, as it usually does, and fulfilled their visualization, bringing on panic attacks at it’s earliest convenience. Which is usually when you want it the least.

And guess what else! The more you focus on your panicky feelings, the more they stick around and get worse.

sun100pxThe minute you decide to face your fears *the more you tell your brain you are willing to face them* the less intense they will become.

If you label something, it gives it an entity.

So the trick is to take control of the entity — don’t label them as panic attacks. If you look at them as panic attacks — and only you know exactly what that means to you — you will continue to have them.

Now you have the opportunity to think of them more as something you can overcome. Give them a different label, and therefore a different entity. How about these? Panic dribbles. Panic samplers. Panic pounces. Pansy panic. You get the idea.

Here’s a different definition of panic. One definition of panic is that panic is the mental or emotional state induced by the god, Pan. Now, we can get a little silly here, and say we’re bigger than Pan, we’re better than Pan, we’re cuter than Pan, and we’re smarter than Pan.

We can give Pan an entity. How’s this description? He’s ugly. He’s mean. He’s little and he’s green. His nose curls at the end when he gets mad, and he doesn’t like to lose. When he loses, his eyeballs bulge out, and his tongue rolls down his body to the floor and he steps on it. Make him the lousiest entity you can.

Now, do you want to give in to that mean, green little man? I don’t think so. Giving your *old* panic attacks a different name and a description makes it much easier to beat, doesn’t it?

Never let Pan have his way again, OK? And if he doesn’t leave immediately, make it a challenge. Label each one of Pan’s now dwindling visits. On a scale of one to ten, with ten being the hardest you’ve ever had, rate each visit. Of course, you know Pan isn’t going to like this, but if we make it really miserable here, won’t that make him go away completely?

Even if you find yourself at a ten once in a while, you know what?

That ten isn’t going to stay around very long. In fact, it probably only stays a ten long enough to say ten, then you are right away   going to a nine, and that immediately goes to an eight or maybe even a six? Right! This could be fun. And you know what makes it more fun? Taking charge of your life, and of Pan. Keeping him unhappy enough not to come back.

Remember, he’s happiest when you are having those frightening pictures in your mind. When you have those, Pan just loves it and sticks around forever. You don’t want that, do you? Well, if you don’t, then you know what to do about it! Get rid of those pictures!

Shatter them! If the pictures are gone, Pan can’t stick around.

Rejoice when you are *panless!* Know that you have now taken control of your life! Pat yourself on the back and go have some fun.

cat into lionSome *panless* fun! Take a deep breath and move into the action.

Thanks for reading,

Jan Tincher




Jan Tincher



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Thank you for Panic Attack! Help!
(This article has special meaning…I am a panic attack overcomer. I went from 1 per day to almost never. The method I used is almost exactly what you suggest)
Thanks again!
Cathy Fothergill