People Don’t Know You Are Ugly ‘Til You Tell ‘Em

People Don’t Know You Are Ugly ‘Til You Tell ‘Em

People don’t know you are ugly, ’til you tell ’em . . .

Question: What is ugly, really?

Answer: It’s what you project.

Did you know that?

Well, think about it for a minute. Someone new comes up to you and you turn away with thoughts like, “They won’t like me. Someone will tell them about me, and even if they like me now, they won’t like me later.”

black-I-thinkHow about when you talk to someone, you don’t look them in the eyes? Your shoulders are slumped. You mumble or quickly run someone else down so the attention will be elsewhere. What kind of message does that shout?

*** Remember, it doesn’t get much uglier than talking negatively about people. Why not build them up? The more you build someone up, the better you feel. The ‘uglies’ fall away.

Haven’t you seen a really terrific-looking blonde, brunette, or red-head that turned ‘ugly’ the minute she opened her mouth?

Haven’t you seen a picture of a hunk and you looked forward to seeing him, but when you finally do actually meet him, he shuffles over to you, head down, hands in pockets?

We all know a guy who is 6’5″ and good-looking, but maybe he falls short with the important stuff.

However, looks aren’t the most important thing in real life where we are able to pick our friends. I pick friends who see the good things in life and think good thoughts, friends that I can trust ‘with the minds’ of my children/grandchildren.

cat into lionAre you the type of person people can trust with theirs?

Walk and talk in the way that describes how you want to be, and you soon will be that person. Feel the change. Enjoy it.

If you like this technique, pass it on to a friend. Watch as their life changes for the better.

Thanks for reading,

Jan Tincher


Jan Tincher


Master Neuro Linguistic Programmer

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TestimonialThis is a wonderful article. Yes, If more people would walk up to others and have nothing but good thoughts and praise for each others, we would all walk around with smiles on our faces. Then each of us would feel so much better about all the little things that we accomplish in the day. I think that if people commended each other more often, then each of us would take a longer harder look at our dreams and truly strive to live those dreams.
When I dream a dream and work to make it come true, I feel butterflies in my stomach. Then I dream a new dream and work on it. Donna

TestimonialGreat article!  I have tried to instill this into my children’s minds by projecting this attitude for a long time.  Good to see it in writing.   Thank you for publishing your knowledge and expertise, and allowing all of us to glean from them.
Cyndy McQuown

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