The Secret to Using Your Emotions at Will

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The Secret to Using Your Emotions at Will

Tame Your BrainDo you use your emotions at will?

Would you like to learn the secret to using your emotions at will?

Everyone’s emotions are unique to them. Some people feel anxiety in their body in ways that someone else might feel happiness or motivation. Some people feel anger with all the submodalities of someone else’s fear.

NOTE:  When you experience your emotions, you are using all or most of your five senses of hear, feel, smell, see, or taste. (Feeling could be the actual touching or it could be how you feel physically.) These are submodalities.

The secret is to use these submodalities to make your emotions work for you, to use any emotion you want at will.  Or to NOT use them at will.

Question Mark for Tame Your BrainWhen are you NOT using your emotions at will?

Well, do you cry easily? Do you anger easily? Do you get anxious easily? Are these feelings automatic for you when someone or something triggers you?

All of these emotions have submodalities that have to happen in order for YOU to feel the emotion.

For instance, when you get mad, let’s say your face gets red, your ears burn, there’s tension in your stomach, you have a weight on your chest. These are submodalities.

How about the minute you feel your face getting red, mentally imagine it turning blue.

The minute your feel the tension in your stomach, why not have the Pac Man faces come in and start eating it away?

And as far as the weight on your chest, what about imagining all that tension being released like a balloon with the air escaping?

You have just rearranged the submodalities that “used to” start off the anger situation. Your body now does not have the same pattern to follow. Now, you don’t feel frustration, fear, anger, or any other negative emotion easily! Why? Because you’ve taken control and changed your submodalities.

Let’s put it another way. Someone else did NOT make you angry. You “allowed” them to make you angry by letting them upset one or more of your values. They messed with what you believe in.

cat into lionYou decided you weren’t going to put up with that, and YOU decided to get angry. Oops! There it goes! Your face is getting red — hey, wait a minute, now it’s getting green. Hey, that’s funny. How about that, now your attention is on humor. You’ve just allowed yourself to take charge of your emotions and “nip it in the bud,” so to speak.

And, guess what. It was easy!

No one needs to get angry at the drop of a hat. Stand back. Now, you can make a mature decision on how to handle the situation. And didn’t that feel great?

You don’t have to go around feeling those feelings you used to feel.  Right?  Because sometimes, believe it or not, those feelings used to wear your body out.  A worn out body can make you more susceptible to illness.

Now, instead of making yourself ill, you are feeling fantastic.  That’s what taking charge of your life does for you.  🙂

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Jan Tincher



Jan Tincher


Master Neuro Linguistic Programmer

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