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A warm welcome to you! Thanks for coming to my blog. Please check out the form to the left, and fill it out so I can send you tips on how to succeed.

My name is Jan Tincher. I am a Hypnotherapist and Master Neuro Linguistic Programmer. I studied under Anthony Robbins and certified under his mentor, Richard Bandler, and I love helping people.

Here on my self help advice website, “Tame Your Brain!”, you will learn three basic things:

1. Ways to make your dreams come true
2. Techniques that will help you succeed in everything, from your everyday life to running a big business
3. How to enjoy life

So you will want to get started with “NLP Tips & More” series. Remember to click the link in Aweber’s email to confirm your subscription. Let me know how you like my made-for-you ebook, “Tame Your Brain For Success!”.

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13 comments for “Welcome to “Tame Your Brain!”

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