The Mask I Wear

The Mask I Wear

Masks.  What mask are you wearing . . .

I am wearing the Mask of Surety right now.  The more I wear the Mask of Surety, the more sure I become of whatever I am doing.

I may start out unsure of myself when I put the mask on, but I never remain unsure.

What mask are you wearing?

Is it a mask named “Success”?

Question Mark for Tame Your BrainLook at the mask and what do you see? What are you succeeding in when you wear it?

Who are your friends? What are they saying?

What is the weather like outside when you are succeeding? Can you feel the cool breeze or do you feel the hot sun? Is there air conditioning inside, or is there heat?

What type of clothing do you wear when you are successful? Do you have a special scent for success, cologne, perfume, candle?

Look in the mirror to see what you look like. Are your shoulders back? Is your spine straight?

Or is it a mask of relaxed competence? When you look at that mask, what do you see?

What do you look like when you’re wearing it?

What is the situation where you will want to wear it? 

sun100pxOne where you USED TO be uptight, anxious, but once you put the mask on you are relaxed and competent?  Feeling like a beautiful ray of sunshine is shining down on you.

The next time you wear one of your ‘feel good and in control’ masks, feel those successful feelings as you put it on.  Feel the successful feelings as you set it on your face, feel the successful feelings spread throughout your body as you straighten up and take a nice deep breath.

FEEL successful and your brain can’t help but lead you toward success.

NOTE: If you find yourself feeling resentful of anyone else’s success, success will NOT come your way.  My recommendation is if your resentful mask shows up, make sure and take it off immediately. Feel the change that brings you.

The same with failure.

Do you have a mask for failure? Immediately take it off and replace it with your successful mask.

Do you have a mask for anger? Immediately take it off and replace it with one of your success masks.

Do you have other masks you don’t like? Immediately take them off and replace them with the mask you do like.

Have fun with this. Find the masks you wear that you don’t like, find the masks you wear that you like. See how fast you can remove the unwanted mask and replace it with the successful mask.

See how fast you can feel successful, competent, etc.


Thanks for reading.

Jan Tincher




Jan Tincher



Master Neuro Linguistic Programmer


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