This Is My Play, I Am The Director

This Is My Play, I Am The Director

Have you ever thought of being a Director?  Want to see how it feels?  Especially when it concerns your life?…

We all need to understand this, if we can.  For the last (you fill in the blank) ___ years, you have let others produce, direct and do everything but star in your play. You starred, but only as you were directed, from your parents, your teachers, your friends. Some good, some not so good.

From now on, wouldn’t you like to do the directing also? Wouldn’t you like to be in control of your own play?

How do you do that?

cat into lionFirst, direct your thoughts. Remember, Reality Is For People With No Imagination — and Nothing Is Good Or Bad, But Thinking Makes It So. Do you remember reading that before? Here’s the article, if you are interested.

Good. Write it on a sheet of paper and tape it to your bathroom or bedroom mirror, so you’ll always have it.

Is this your typical day?

Imagine you are on your way to work or school. Are you talking to yourself, listing the reasons it’s going to be a lousy day? Is it *because so and so does, or doesn’t do, something right, and you always get blamed.* Or is it *because so and so hates my guts.* Or *because I don’t know what I’m doing.* Or *because I can’t do it.* If this wasn’t so, then *I wouldn’t have a lousy day.*

Do you find that you are saying one or more of these sentences to yourself? You are? Then guess what. It IS going to be a lousy day.

I think, therefore I amIf we form a representation that things will work, *if we imagine it working,* then we create the internal resources we need, *our brain takes over and gets us where we’re going,* to produce the state that will support us in producing positive results, *it makes us feel like we can do it.*

If we form a representation that things won’t work, *if we keep telling ourselves it won’t work,* then we create internal resources for that state, *we fail.* In other words, we just keep failing.

So, how do we stop this?

We make a list. On the left side, write your negative thoughts. On your right side, write your positive thoughts.

NOTE: If you’ve got a really long left list, just think what your life will be like if you don’t start reading, “thinking”, the right list.

For instance, on the left maybe you’ve written *I don’t like my job.* If that’s the case, then on the right, write something like *I may not like my job, but I know a better job is on the way to me.* Or better yet, *I have a beautiful new rewarding job where they appreciate my skills and pay me accordingly.*

Every time you hear yourself thinking, “I don’t like my job,” immediately say the statement to the right of that negative thought. Once you have changed your thought, then think about something good. That’s where the affirmations come in. You think good things, then you start feeling good feelings.

Make a list of affirmations, and keep it handy. I have some great ones, but I’m sure you can come up with even greater ones. Especially make sure your affirmations work best for YOU. My affirmations work terrifically for ME. Are you ME? I didn’t think so. Yours are terrific for you, use them.

I think
Here are some to start you off.

Every day in every way, I am better, better, and better.

The picture I have of myself is the picture I am to be.

I love myself and all creation.

Today is a beautiful day.

I am loved. I love. I am loving.

If you find yourself bored, stop thinking boring thoughts. That’s the time to think or say your affirmations. Your own personal affirmations. Enlarge the list. Make it better and better. Enjoy working with it.

Have fun with this. Help it change your old belief patterns into something new and empowering!

Thank you for reading.

Jan Tincher




Jan Tincher



Master Neuro Linguistic Programmer


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