What Is Your Power Picture?

What Is Your Power Picture?

If you don’t have a Power Picture, would you like to make one?…

OK.  Here’s how.

Power PicturePretend you have a movie screen in your mind, and there is a picture of you on it. How do you look? Are your eyes bright and looking people in the eye? Is your breathing even? Is your back straight, are your shoulders back? OR . . .

Are your eyes down? Is your breathing heavy, dejected? Are your shoulders and back slumped?

Believe it or not, if that’s how you see yourself, then that’s how you are. This picture of you that you are seeing is the same picture you see every day, many times a day, in your mind. When you have to make a choice about something, you unconsciously check your picture to see if that choice you are about to make fits with who you are.

The picture says either says, “I can do it!” or “I can’t do it.”

Let’s see if we can improve upon your picture, no matter which one it is.

Believe in YourselfNow, are you ready? This is a picture of you succeeding magnanimously at something.

Is it color or black and white? Well, since everyone is different, just because it’s in color (if it is) doesn’t mean it’s right for you. Sometimes, black and white affects a person better. It’s all up to how you perceive it. So, just for a little experiment, let’s do this:

Look at your picture. If it’s color, change it to black and white. If it’s black and white, change it to color. How did that affect you? Pick the one that was the most motivating and keep it.

Now, if your picture is in color, is the color bright or dull? Look at it both ways and pick the one that’s most motivating.

Are the items/people in the picture life-size? Smaller than life-size? Larger than life-size? Have them be all three, one at a time.

Which affects you more? Which is more motivating? Pick that and keep it.

How about depth? Is the picture one dimensional or 3-D? Pick the one that motivates you most and keep it.

How far away from you is the picture? Try it at various locations: Right in front of your face, then two feet in front of you, then four feet, then six feet, and more if you want. Pick the one that feels the most motivating.

Then, take it to the left, then to the center, then to the right. Now, pick which felt the best and keep the picture in that area.

Is the picture in a frame or is it panoramic? Meaning is it right in front of you, or does it go around you? Try it with various shapes and dimensions. Make it a square, then rectangle, then whatever shape you want.  Now, make it bigger, then smaller, so you get a feel for it. Pick the one that affects you most and keep it.

Is there sound in the picture? If not, check it out. You could have music, voices, the sound of grass moving, birds chirping, whatever. Try them all, then try complete silence. Pick what suits you best and keep it.

Are there scents in your picture? Do you have a favorite candle scent or food scent or flower scent? Check out what affects you and see what it does and HOW it affects you. If it’s motivating, keep it. If no scent is best, then keep that.

75x55Now, what does your final picture look like? Can you enhance it in any way? (Don’t stop until you feel the POWER.)

Remember, your mind does NOT know the difference between real and vividly imagined. Vividly imagine success, and it can’t help but come to you. Look at your power picture many times a day. Even if you aren’t an artist, if you could draw a picture of what power means to you, you will be bringing it closer to you. Use all of your abilities. Write about success, draw it, feel it, smell it, attract it.

Good luck.

Thank you for reading.

Jan Tincher




Jan Tincher



Master Neuro Linguistic Programmer


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