Would You Like A Shield?

Would You Like A Shield?

Would You Like A Shield?…

Remember reading about England’s wars? Where the men who fought used a shield for protection? The shield was thick, a barrier that kept them from being physically harmed . . .

Wouldn’t it be neat if you had a shield today for things that hurt you on the INSIDE, a barrier that kept you from being MENTALLY harmed? Something that would surround you completely on the outside, so nothing negative can get in? A shield that would protect you from negative attitudes, negative feelings, even hostility?

Question Mark for Tame Your BrainCan you imagine what you can do with a shield like that?

You can go to work and be happy.

You can have coffee with your friends, and nothing they say will disturb you.

You can sit down at a meeting with your boss, your co-workers, your peers, and nothing they say can knock you off balance. You will respond in a timely, sensible manner to everything they say. You won’t respond with anger or irritation, because your shield will be in place. Anything negative will bounce right off it.

You can visit with your in-laws, your co-workers, your negative acquaintances, and nothing they say will hurt you in any way.

This shield will filter out all hostility, negative attitudes, any words that USED to knock you out of your productive state. You hear the words, but the negativity will be filtered out. It will never get through to you when your shield is in place. Notice the comfort and safety you feel on the inside of the shield. Notice how the shield protects you and filters out the negativism, hostility and stress around you and how none of that affects you NOW.

I thinkLet’s see how we can make all this happen on a regular basis. Let’s see how we can make that shield and tailor it to fit YOU.

Visualize a very special shield surrounding you. This shield will give you breathing space, so make sure to visualize as much room as you need.

Now, if you are a technical sort of person, maybe you’ll want to instill in that barrier things that tell you it is working. Maybe a gizmo that rings and/or buzzes, telling you the feelings the words USED to bring are on the other side of the shield and they can’t get in. These gizmos tell you it is working and making you feel safe. And that’s how you feel every time it rings and/or buzzes! Doesn’t that feel great? You are now in control of your feelings. You haven’t hurt anyone, and you are feeling as good when you are with these people as you did before you met with them.

If you are a laid back person, you probably just make it strong, so nothing negative can get through. Maybe that’s all a laid back person may need to feel safe.

If you’re nervous, you may have all kinds of holes in your shield to assure you you’ll continue breathing. Those holes, of course, cannot be penetrated by anything but the air you breathe in. Nothing negative can get through, your shield is in force.

If you’d feel safer with a steel shield, go ahead and have one. You’ll probably want to make it invisible. Remember, whatever works for you, works!

Believe in YourselfIf you are a right-brained and/or deeply spiritual person, all you may need is a cloud that covers you to tell you your protection is there. As you put your cloud in place, here’s a little prayer that may help. *The White Light of Divine Protection is surrounding me now, sealing out all negative thoughts and experiences. Only Goodness and Purity penetrates this wonderful light. I send nothing but goodness out through it. Thank you, Heavenly Father, for Your perfect protection.* If you like it, use it. If you don’t, find another one. Again, whatever works for you, works.

Now, you have filtered out the negative attitudes and hostility around you. It no longer bothers you at all.

Remember, the purpose of the shield is to keep the bad feelings from getting through and knocking you out of your productive, and hopefully loving state. It does not filter out anything that is good for you. You keep all your loving, productive feelings.

Try it out BEFORE you need it. How about trying it out right now?

Remember, if you take the time and effort to change your view of reality, your brain will put in the time and effort to make your reality become your view. Use the shield today.

Thanks for reading.

Jan Tincher





Jan Tincher



Master Neuro Linguistic Programmer


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