Are You Grieving? Would You Like To Release Those Feelings?

Are You Grieving? Would You Like To Release Those Feelings?

Are you grieving? Have you lost a job, a loved one, or a valuable item? Are you bothered by a past experience? Are you letting things at work get you down? . . .

The more you grieve, the more you hold on. Haven’t you been grieving long enough? Only you can know the answer to that.

Let me give you some good reasons to let go.

  1. That tightening in your body will fade away
  2. You will be able to function better
  3. You will let go of that feeling of loss that keeps you sad
  4. You’ll stop crying at the drop of a hat
  5. Your headaches will disappear

Here’s an example of how it will feel to release.

Find a pen, or a rock, or any small item and put it on the palm of your right hand.

Hold on tightly.
Hold on good and tight.
Hold on tighter.

Feel the pressure building in your hand?

Feel it for a while, then just open your hand and let go.

Feel how easy that was? Feel the release? Does your hand feel better?

practiceThat’s how it will feel in your whole body when you release the pressure that has been holding you down.

It’s OK to feel the grief, the regret, or whatever feeling you had been holding on to. AND it’s OK to let it go.

Have the thought, ask yourself if you can release it, if the answer is yes, let it go.

If the answer is no, that is perfectly OK also.

Of course, you will want to keep asking until the answer is yes, but it really is OK if the answer is no at this time.

Now, check this out.  If you find yourself becoming uptight about something, just open your hand. That is a way of reminding you that you can let it go.

Then, ask yourself if you can let the thought go, and when the answer is yes, rejoice. Feel the peace.
Remember, if you take the time and effort to change your view of reality, your brain will put in the time and effort to make your reality become your view.

Thank you for reading.

Jan Tincher





Jan Tincher



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