Your Decisions Determine Your Destiny

Your Decisions Determine Your Destiny

When you have a thought, who decided to have that thought?…


You must have OK’d it somewhere along the line. No one else did, did they?

Thoughts build from other thoughts. What thought did you have that led to this thought? Are those the thoughts you want to have?

Let’s realize how important these thoughts are to our uniqueness and our destiny.

You have three decisions that determine your destiny.

You decide:

What to focus on.

What things mean to you.

What to do to create the results you desire.

That’s what you did in the past, and that’s what got you where you are now.

But guess what? Your past is NOT your future. Your present IS. What are you presently focusing on? What do things mean to you right now? What are you going to do to create the results you desire?

There. This right here is your future. What you are doing, thinking, being right now, is your future. Remember, nothing’s going to change unless you do.

Why not change now?

For the next week look at each and every thought you have, project ahead to see what that thought is going to get you and figure out if that’s what you want for your future.

If it isn’t, guess what. The future hasn’t happened yet. Right now is when you can change it. Here’s how:

gavelIf you feel a thought coming on that isn’t going to take you where you want to go, yell at the top of your lungs, CANCEL, CANCEL! CANCEL, CANCEL! (Yes, I know. I’ve probably shown you this technique before, but stay with me here and use it.) Embarrassing, isn’t it? Well, there’s something to do about that too.

gavelNow, don’t get me wrong. I strongly recommend that if you want to make changes, you do this out loud, but if you can’t because, for instance, you are at church or something, then here is another little tip. Your brain does not know the difference between real or *vividly* imagined. If you have to, then you can vividly imagine yelling CANCEL, CANCEL! CANCEL, CANCEL!

Vividly imagine yelling it and vividly imagine hearing it. Screech it if you have to to cause extra shock value.

The point is to do it each and every time you catch yourself thinking or saying something that isn’t going to get you where you want to go. Don’t put it off for a minute.

arrow2Do it immediately.

The effect it has on your brain is the same as a sharp object on a chalkboard or scratching a record. If you scratched a record, you will certainly not want to listen to it again. That’s how your brain is. When you have a negative thought, scratch it.

Of course, you don’t want to keep that negativity around, AND you don’t want it to come back, so replace it with a very nice, soothing, positive thought.

“Every day in every way, I am better, better, and better.” Keep your eyes up, your shoulders back, and your thoughts positive.

Thanks for reading.

Jan Tincher




Jan Tincher



Master Neuro Linguistic Programmer


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Hey-o Jan,

Yes, just got the full edition. Y’know, that “Cancel! Cancel!”
thing is so much better than an inarticulate scream and smacking oneself upside the head. It’ll still draw odd looks from bystanders, though, so I’ll take your advice and employ my vivid imagination.





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